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From the Director's Desk

Dear Students & Parents,Arybhatta Group of Colleges - Chairman

We at Aryabhatta College commit to create a world class learning environment, which prepares young professionals to cope up with ever increasing challenges of competitive world, which develops their versatility to adapt seamlessly in a multi cultural global environment, which trains them to be equally comfortable in state-of-the-art as well as rustic environment, which nurtures their leadership traits to shoulder increasing responsibilities, which encourages them to analyse every difficult situation objectively, and which imbibes in them to keep their core values and ethics intact in all situations. We have great sense of satisfaction in beginning the journey to stay ahead. At Aryabhatta we prepare you for the challenges of the new world. The exposure through academics, case studies, industry interactions, industrial trainings, extracurricular and co-curricular activities, seminars and field assignments will have immense learning value which you will cherish throughout your life.

The opportunity for learning is limitless. And to add to this the Training and the Placement department is strong and immaculate in dispersing its duties. Students, you should make your purpose in life and hard work as your virtue and must seize opportunities in our institutes to attain growth and development through your perseverance, performance and achievement. As we know that the transition from one state of mind to another can be quite difficult and daunting, and only clarity about the goal and the right approach can make it look simpler. It is true as famous Chinese proverb says that "A thousand miles journey starts with a single step but this single step has to be in the right direction". I assert that your goal and approach both are well-thought and well-informed and above all your conscious decision to have this transition with `Aryabhatta College' is the first right step towards your life goal attainment.

I take this prized opportunity to welcome the students from the core of my heart and assure their parents that the college & its students will progress by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

May Success always be yours!

With best wishes !