Aryabhatta College, founded in 2009, is the result of the diligent and committed efforts of the trust members under the strong and charismatic leadership of Er. Rakesh Kumar Gupta, who was the main driving force behind the establishment of the college. The trust members were motivated by Er. Rakesh Kumar Gupta's strong vision and passion for education, which drove them to work hard. The involvement of the local inhabitants is also crucial in the establishment of this institution. The institute is associated with Punjabi University, Patiala. The college provided a total of 5 undergraduate programmes, 6 postgraduate programmes, and 1 postgraduate diploma programme. The college is situated in the verdant surroundings of the town of Barnala. The professors' sincerity and devotion towards the institute, as well as their commitment to the welfare of education, particularly in higher education, are reflected.

The college is located very near to Barnala city,which makes it quite convenient and accessible for the students from surrounding feeding areas especially girls who are not allowed by the parents to travel to long distance colleges have got a good opportunity here to achieve their dreams and and uplift their careers.