From the Chairman's Desk

Arybhatta Group of Colleges - Chairman Dear Students

At Aryabhatta College, you will be exposed to an atmosphere of intellectual simulation and team play, unique approaches to complex challenges, industry via high level committees and extensive collaborations with business. Our target is to equip each Aryabhattan with the best education and provide world class infrastructure to help the fertile brains to achieve best in life. Every Institution has unique characteristic that sets it apart from the crowd. At Arybhatta, this can be captured in just two words- 'We deliver'.
Not only do we inculcate in our students the best of creative and technical qualification, we also teach them indispensable human qualities. Aryabhatta College has a caring faculty body, excellent academic facilities and ideal environment for study, We look forward to having you as a student on our campus. You are on the threshold of an educational opportunity that will launch you on a productive and satisfying professional career.

Welcome you to the path of knowledge at Aryabhatta.
With best wishes !