The College has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) established in April 2018. The role of IQAC is to develop a system for improvement in education and administrative performances of the college. It is an internal mechanism for sustenance, assurance and enhancement of the quality education imparted by the college. The college has allotted an office and a full time coordinator for smooth functioning of the cell. The cell meets frequently to plan and evaluate the progress of every activity. The internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) of Aryabhatta College is a task force of Members from the Society, Trust, Industry , Professionals and senior faculty.


The goal of IQAC is to institutionalise and internalise quality culture as the primary priority for higher education, supporting all initiatives both internally and outside.


  • In order to establish a framework for deliberate, reliable, and influential enhancements in quality and performance, a system must be developed.
  • To actively contribute to achieving academic achievement in a substantial and impactful manner.
  • To promote excellence by developing intervention tactics to improve performance.
  • To enhance and incorporate contemporary approaches to education and knowledge acquisition.
IQAC Composition
1.Dr. Ajay Kumar MittalChairmanCampus Director
2.Dr. Sanjeev KumarIQAC Co-ordinatorProf.
3.Mr. Navdeep BansalMemberA.P.
4.Ms. Bhavukta SharmaMemberA.P.
5.Mr. Vijay Kumar GargMemberA.P.
6.Dr. Bhavet GargMemberProf.
7.Mr. Sukhpreet SinghMemberA.P.
8.Mr. Gagandeep KaurMemberA.P.
9.Mr. Vishal MittalMemberIndustrial Nominee
10.CA Singal Vikas MemberManagement Nominee
11.Mr. Sukhjinder Singh MemberAlumni Member